How Gaming Chair is Replaced by Gaming Bed

Japanese merchant Bauhutte sells a lot of furniture aimed at”players,” but few can top its one-stop store for sleep and gambling . Like Voltron, but made for men and women who refuse to use important muscle groups, the Bauhutte”supreme gaming mattress” combines an elevated headboard, desk, snack shelves, tablet holder, and a bed to be sure you will simply need to get up to use the restroom, hopefully.

The complete setup, which turns eight distinct products into a cocoon, prices approximately ¥113,250, or about $1,048 (snacks sold separately). “I wake up and move out of my bed to my desk,” its description reads. Gaming beds solve this issue.”

I guess that is true. However, I do have a few quick questions:

  • What is the mask ?
  • Why doesn’t this gamer mattress come in a larger size that may accommodate two people?
  • Why doesn’t it come in less… competitive colours?
  • What effect might this have on sleep hygiene?
  • Can the gamer onesie come in my size?
  • Is that a tube of cream near the bed?
  • Why did you add this cream?
  • My coworker Chaim Gartenberg believes that this cream is Nivea’s”all purpose moisturizing lotion” for all parts of your body.